Procession Systems offers several services that all have a centered goal in mind: providing consistent, sustainable results.

Our services are designed to optimize time to fill and cost per hire. We believe that operating with honesty, transparency, integrity and a commitment to measured results provides an inherit value to our customers.

90/10 model – We focus 90% of our time sourcing. 10% of our time is spent qualifying candidates and doing the initial screen. After the candidate is screened and submitted to our client, the client takes responsibility of the candidate. This model maximizes the output of qualified, ready to interview candidates.

RPO services – We provide all components of the 90/10 model and create a customized solution based on our client’s needs. We create a solution focused on two charecteristics- reducing time to fill and cost per hire. Ulitmately, it is our goal to develop processesses that allow for consistent, sustainable success. Our services can be fully adapted or only where needed. Possibilities include: requisition drafting, job posting, ATS management, statistic tracking, hiring manager counseling, salary negotiation, offer letters, candidate management, leading progress meetings and more!

On Demand Sourcing – We are able to accommodate short term surge recruiting efforts. Whether it be proposal recruiting or x, we are able to provide immediate bandwith that attacks short term needs quickly.

Other Options – We are a solutions provider and realize there is no one size fits all solution for all recruiting problems.


Working with Procession allowed us to meet the demand for additional personnel, and grow our business by 40% in the last six months. Procession provided the results we needed to be responsive to our customers. Their way of integrating in to our processes made the switch seamless to our hiring managers and provided the “candidate flow” we had been searching for. Utilizing the Procession team of outsourced recruiters and their integrating processes has made a noticeable improvement in our business. I have asked myself many times over the past year why we didn’t do this sooner.”


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