Procession Systems provides such dramatic results by focusing on four key elements that are critical to long term success. These  core four elements are:



Our goal is to drive quality and results for our clients through industry leading delivery, backed by technologically innovative processes. We strive to deliver talented and qualified professionals at the fastest rate in the market.

  • Procession Systems averages 1 submission within 48 hours of beginning a position
  • Procession Systems averages 3 submissions within 5 business days of beginning a position
  • When competing with direct competition, Procession Systems submits an average of 3x the amount of candidates to our clients


Recruiting is perhaps the most complex and variable function of a business in today’s market. We have built proven data-centric processes that limit variability and produce consistent results.

  • We have identified and remedied over 50 points of failure in the hiring process
  • We track, analyze, and recommend every step of the hiring process
  • Cost per hire for our clients drops an average of 150% within the first year of service
  • Time to hire for our clients drops an average of 275% within the first year of service



The best way to avoid making a bad hiring decision is to have a thorough qualifying process. Our qualifying process engages candidates with your organization and weeds out candidates with low posting potential.

  • Over 95% of Procession Systems Candidates are approved for an interview
  • 1/3 candidates submitted by Procession Systems ends up starting with our client.
  • Nearly 80% of Procession Systems candidates stay with our clients for over a year


We believe that superior customer service and a genuine interest in our client’s success is a true differentiator. You will not come across another firm with a larger incentive to perform for your business.

  • Over 50% of Procession Systems clients increase their service level with Procession Systems when extending our original agreement
  • 100% of Procession Systems clients rate our service as “outstanding” or “significantly above average”
  • 24/7 access to an account representative who is fully dedicated to your business